The 21st century is witnessing a global reorganization of higher education, in which campus boundaries are giving way to global systems – sometimes guided by a competitive race for market share, sometimes by collaborative efforts at mutual development, and sometimes by the ever-expanding reach of wikis, tweets, and distance learning.

- Association of International Education Administrators



So how are you positioning your organization for success in this global economy?

Gen Next Education introduces Global Academic Programs, a systematic and focused effort to help you integrate international dimensions to every facet of your academic offering by pursuing partnerships with viable Indian institutions.


Through our Global Academic Programs, we will:


  • Assist in creating a joint venture with a viable Indian partner institution
  • Identify, develop and nurture partner relationships
  • Assist in identifying appropriate degree/certificate programs to collaborate on
  • Faciltiate and negotiate the appropriate models of delivery, including the revenue components


Are you ready to be an international education provider?