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Introducing College Genie: Pioneering AI-Powered College and Career Guidance Platform

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Introducing College Genie: Pioneering AI-Powered College and Career Guidance Platform [May 13, 2024] – In an era where educational support is more crucial than ever, we are excited to unveil College Genie, the world's first AI-powered platform dedicated to transforming college and career guidance globally. This innovative platform is designed to be…

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As Featured: Beyond Academics – DPS Indirapuram Students Gain Insight from Mr. Girish Ballolla, Founder & CEO of Gen Next Education

"Your education should make you hungry for all great things in life. In fact, it should push you to transcend traditional boundaries, explore diverse interests, and venture into new areas for an enriched personal development experience." Girish C. Ballolla, Founder & CEO of Gen Next Education We are delighted to share that Gen Next Education…

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Navigating the Waters: The Complex Relationship Between Universities and Recruitment Agents

In the ever-evolving landscape of international education, universities around the globe are increasingly partnering with recruitment agents to navigate the complex terrain of attracting and enrolling international students. These collaborations, while fruitful, come with their own set of challenges and demands, requiring a nuanced approach to ensure mutual success and integrity in the recruitment process.…

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What’s best for the students?

The recent decision by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to limit the number of new international student permits to approximately 360,000 for 2024 marks a pivotal move towards ensuring the sustainability and integrity of Canada's education system. This policy, resulting in a 35% decrease from the previous year's numbers, is designed to stabilize the…

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