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Explore global educational opportunities and become future-ready

It is becoming increasingly important to have a set of skills and competencies that will make you a global leader. And getting an international education is an excellent way to prepare you to function effectively in this global economy. Whether you spend a few weeks or several years studying abroad, the experience will change you and the way you think. Gain a competitive advantage of a global academic experience and prepare for the careers of the future. Employers around the world know the value of an international degree – and your investment in your future starts with a global education.

Gen Next By The Numbers

Since 2011, we’ve created opportunities for students to pursue a global education.

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“I got connected with Gen Next when they visited my school […] they have given me everything that people don’t get even after paying for these services. I received 5 out of 7 admits with merit scholarships in all of them. I couldn’t hope for any better and Gen Next has always acted like a catalyst in it.”
Rohan Agrawal
Emerald Heights International School – Indore, India

Your personal college & career exploration hub

Our always-on, global, digital platforms offer the most interactive, engaging, and efficient way to connect you with universities from across the globe – from the comfort of your couch.

From knowledge sessions featuring content to help you understand the entire college recruiting process to exploring and connecting with university reps from around the world, connectED (for prospective undergraduate students) and gradED (for prospective graduate students) have everything you need to get started on your global educational goals.

With over 2,000 university representatives and 100 virtual events and counting, college search is made easy when you get connectED.

For university info sessions to get all your questions answered

interactive, live, and on-demand

To connect and collaborate with university reps from across the globe

Using relevant filters such as destination country, programs offered, scholarships, etc.

Compete in contests and win prizes

Explore and meet university reps from around the world

It’s free to join the connectED and gradED communities –
create your student profiles now!

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