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Discover, Develop, and Train Agency Recruitment Partners


recruitED is an innovative online platform designed to help education institutions and international recruitment agencies develop, build, and maintain strong, productive professional relationships. recruitED’s two pillars – the Community and the Academy – provide a one-stop solution to address the growing complexity of developing and maintaining a global ecosystem of agency partnerships.

The Community offers virtual hubs for both institutions and agents to discover and network. 

  • Showcase your institution, research, and connect with prospective partners by viewing agent hubs.
  • Access resources and best practices from industry professionals to maximize successful agent-institutional partnerships and deliver sessions to share your knowledge with colleagues around the world.
  • Attend virtual conferences with convenient in-platform messaging and video conferencing tools to network and connect with current partners, industry colleagues, and potential agents.

The Academy is your private, customizable Training Center where you can offer on-demand resources and interactive institutional training materials for your agency network.

  • Host live and pre-recorded training videos, quizzes, and essential resources for your agents.
  • Track training progress, set assessment requirements, and run aggregate reports in-platform.
  • Save time and resources by using a central platform, and avoid the repetition of offering separate trainings and updates to each agency individually.
  • Benefit from a platform that does not interfere in your agency partnerships. recruitED simply brings you closer together to improve communication, transparency, and results.

The ART of Agent Management


Expand your reach and forge new partnerships via the recruitED Community. recruitED brings together diverse education institutions and high-quality student recruitment agents from around the world. Join virtual events in the community for networking and professional development opportunities.

Relationship Management & Training

Streamline communication and enhance collaboration. recruitED offers an Academy for hosting live and pre-recorded training videos, quizzes, and other essential resources for your agents. Track your agents' training progress, streamline communication of updates to your entire network, and benefit from messaging and video conference tools right in the community for more efficient cooperation and collaboration.

Thought Leadership

Stay ahead of the curve on trends and best practices. Access professional development resources and industry experts' insights to maximize the success of your institution-agent partnerships.

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